A few months ago, the convener and I were pleased to see at first hand the progress that is being made at the Shieldhall tunnel in Glasgow. I ask members to bear it in mind that we are a heavy-asset-based industry. The view and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. I welcome our panel of witnesses: The majority of our pollution incidents come from the networks themselves—only six of the 1, waste water treatment works are failing to meet the parameters that are set for them. I will link that to the next point. For example, when we engage our people to drive ever-higher performance, the rationale is that the benefits—whether a higher level of service or greater efficiency—all go back to our customers and to our communities.

We strive to match and exceed your expectations. If we had not reduced leakage, we would have had to invest more to do that. However, you will be cognisant of the fact that only just over a quarter of your workforce is female. For example, when we engage our people to drive ever-higher performance, the rationale is that the benefits—whether a higher level of service or greater efficiency—all go back to our customers and to our communities. Projects that are talked about as being delivered in the next two years are listed but not scheduled, which does not give clarity to people who are coming in behind that to deliver other projects.

Also, some nations in those markets have individual statutory bodies that are undertaking consultancy services of their own.

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As agreed earlier, we now move into private session. It is clear that the work that we have done to reduce leakage, for example, has helped that, but we have also raised dam levels in some of our reservoirs to give us greater scottish water business plan sr15 and resilience in extended periods of drought.

Sampling Plan survey whether thesmall hotel at Kettletoft was still in business.

I know that one of your key international target markets is Canada. The model is that, in effect, Horizons is an enabler, and it is SHARC Energy or another company that invests in the technology and does all the hook-up—if you like—with the heating systems in the public sector body.

We also think about what we can do to increase the amount of renewable energy that we consume, particularly renewable energy that is generated close to the point at which we need to consume it.

Under agenda item 3, the committee is asked to consider the regulations. In scottish water business plan sr15 of the sludge itself—.

The Scottish Water Using logit regression interprets all three designs. I hope that you can give us that commitment. We move immediately scottish water business plan sr15 questions. Effectively, the root of the prioritisation is that ministerial-led quality and standards process. Alongside that, I am interested in hearing how you are preparing for the opening of the English market and what benefits that might bring for Scottish consumers.

That is why last year we achieved our target for the end of this regulatory period—in effect, our target for scottish water business plan sr15 achieved in the very first year. I am aware of one project in Kinghorn that has been delayed for quite complex reasons and is going to be pushed forward to a later timescale, but are there general lessons that can be learned about underdelivery of projects so that future Q and S investment rounds deliver in a timely fashion?

I see that Scottish Water has decided to enter into three new strategic alliances to deliver investment.

We have worked extensively with Consumer Futures on that process to try to make the debt recovery policy much more equitable for customers and to make them aware of alternative payment options. We welcome scottish water business plan sr15 the Draft Determination is fully consistent with the agreement we have reached with the Customer Forum and that our business plan therefore incorporates our agreement with Customer Forum and reflects all the intentions of the Draft Determination.

There was a slight increase in in total pollution events. I want to add something else. Set against that procedure, how long do your organisations take to pay suppliers?

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This website uses cookies. You have swings and roundabouts within individual projects but our whole focus is about delivering the programme within the available financing. They are at the centre of much of the disgruntlement in the agricultural sector.

For domestic customers Scottish water business plan sr15 business customers. The issue is on our radar; we recognise that the legislation is probably a bit out of step with where it needs to be inbecause it is rooted in law. First, the number of pollution incidents is a combination of what we identify, what is reported by members of the public and what is reported through SEPA, so it is not just Scottish water business plan sr15 Water that reports incidents.

I refer back to our earlier discussion about the protection of shellfish waters.

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Those questions are broad but also detailed. You can write to us on scottish water business plan sr15. It is always important to recognise and exploit the scottish water business plan sr15 competence of a business and to recognise when other people may be better placed to meet a particular market need or opportunity.

I want to take the discussion in a slightly different direction, but I will let Emma Harper ask a question about metering. However, you will be cognisant of the fact that only just over a quarter of your workforce is female. Follow our story on: There is then the dynamic of what we need to spend to invest just to maintain the existing infrastructure to deliver a broadly comparable level of service into the future. We have different forms of investment.

There are many ways in which that could develop. News – Construction News Share it. Investment and Communities Volunteering Glasgow Energy. Given the number of investments that you are making, and given the diverse and sometimes competing ministerial objectives, how does Scottish Water prioritise its investment decisions?

In Ayrshire in September, we successfully connected our Girvan waste water treatment works to a local farm where the farmer has built and developed an anaerobic digester that scottish water business plan sr15 farm waste and other products to produce electricity, which we use at the treatment works.