Though simple lines and minimal adornment reigned on the runways, the s were not free of luxury. Depending on the job title and season of the year, the suit would change. The women in this time period did not realize their affects on the future image of a woman. Just like women, men had certain attire that was worn for certain events. Four presidents were to serve office during this decade. The people in the United States went through a colorful period during the twenties

Silk was highly desired for its luxurious qualities, but the limited supply made it expensive. Materialism in the Eggs in The Great Gatsby He moves in to a small house in West Egg where he observes multiple issues between opposing characters, which causes him to morally change and ethically grow Jewellery, hats, and shoes were just some of the most important accessories that defined the s, making them key elements that complemented the iconic flapper dresses, the straight-line chemises, and even the low-waisted dresses. The urban middle class became stronger and more influential during the twenties and began to become accustomed to all of the wealth and success which they were experiencing during the era Some have true intentions while others try to make the world fit their standards.

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US History, Roaring Twenties]. Each one contributed to what formed the type of nation Roaring twenties essay hook is today. Meanwhile, working-class women looked for modern forms of dress as they transitioned from rural to urban careers.

Exciting new events happened in sports, entertainment, science, politics, communication and transportation. Proper attire for women was enforced for morning, afternoon, and evening activities. Popular Culture Decade by Decade, Volume 1: It was an age of social and political change.

Social customs and morals were relaxed in the optimism brought on by the end of the war and the booming of roaring twenties essay hook stock market. Advancements During The Roaring Twenties Many textile patterns produced in the United States also incorporated images of both jazz bands and people dancing to jazz.

This fact speaks to a dramatic cultural shift that had taken place.

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For girls, clothing became looser and shorter. She smoked, drank, danced, and voted. The name suggest a time of wild enjoyment, fun, loud, crazy and a musical age.

Rayon was also used in some undergarments. Other problems are brought up about all of the job loss roaring twenties essay hook this prohibition would cause.

In Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald exemplifies this attitude of society through the observations of his narrator, Nick Carraway, who serves as the moral compass throughout the book.

Although prohibition banning alcohol had been enacted as a law at the time, life still paraded on and people still found a way to party.

The music itself had quite an alluring effect on the new youthful society and was considered to be the pulse of the s. More Americans lived in cities roaring twenties essay hook farms.

In particular, cosmetics became a major industry. Although society matrons of a certain roaring twenties essay hook continued to wear conservative dresses, the sportswear worn by forward-looking and younger women became roaring twenties essay hook greatest change in post-war fashion. Lastly, the use of glossy and ornate textiles mirrored light to the tempo of jazz music and dance.

Elsa Schiaparelli is one key Italian designer of this decade who was heavily influenced by the “beyond the real” art and incorporated it into her designs.

During this era Vogue gave credit to this new cut for the immense success in the hat business. Victorian s s s s s s s s s.

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Prohibition was an enormous part of this era. During previous decades, many layers were worn; however, during the s, minimal layers became the new standard. It is apparent to most people whether it be an everyday citizen, or a person specializing in history, that the Harlem Renaissance truly changed the America that we know today The Jazz Age – Watching a movie in the roaring twenties essay hook was a cheap and easy way to be transported into a world of glitz and glamour, a world of crime, or a world of roaring twenties essay hook and mystery.

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The mighty twenties, that vast number of technological advancements achieved is absolutely mesmerizing. People would gather at speakeasies or illegal bars where gangsters would supply alcohol from the borders of Mexico and Canada Prohibition, Rosenberg. For formal occasions in roaring twenties essay hook daytime, a morning suit was usually worn.

During this time period many American citizens believed and even acted out of hedonism.