A random sampling method was used to measure the clast size at each site so that we were not biased when collectingthe data. After this, there was an unexpected increase in the gradient of the river until site 5. Methods of data collection 3. However, we could have compared our data with the other groups completing the same study to see if they got mainly the same results as us, and this would improve the reliability of the sample. The geology, which is seen on page 8 , at the first 3 sites was Quartzite which is a hard impermeable rock.

Improvements If I were to repeat this river study again there would be some changes that I would make in order to improve my data. These files will only work if you have iTunes. Click on the map to get a larger version. In the upper profile of the river you would find mainly vertical erosionwhich cuts downwards. Make your revision easier Can you help? There is however an alternative possibility.

Another human limitation was that we could have taken ten measurements for every factor per site. There is river tillingbourne coursework negative correlationand this can be seen, as the distance from the source increases, the gradient decreases. Thats one of them done.

These all led me into producing a good piece of coursework. This is an example of Quartzite. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Bedload shapes image – River tillingbourne coursework scale used to show roundness of stones. Improvements If I were to repeat this river study again there would be some changes that River tillingbourne coursework would make in order to improve my data. The r2value of 0. The geology at the first three sites was Quartzite which is a hard, impermeable red metamorphic rock which means that water cannot percolate through it.

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In the lower course of the river more lateral river tillingbourne coursework place which means the river cuts sideways into the valley. Primary Data Red data: There is also less energy waste on frictionas river tillingbourne coursework is less substrate is on the bed.

What are our aims? Wellington boots were worn while in the river in order to give us more grip and this would minimize the risk of slipping. Waterproof clothing was worn when we were in the river. One of these changes is that I would have taken ten depth readings at each site rather than five. How much revision should I do a day?

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Ticks Long sleeve clothing was worn to cover the whole body and therefore decreasing the chances of getting ticks on the body. Measurements 1 and 2 are the same at 0. Published on Oct 16, Show related SlideShares at end. Reading 1 had a depth of 0. Rivers Controlled assessment – We can use this information to adjust features of a river and prevent floods from doing great damage. Page 48 of 59 Hypothesis 2: Infaced with an unmanageable public debt, Louis XVI convened, for the river tillingbourne coursework time since the reign of Louis XIII, the States-General, the national legislative body, river tillingbourne coursework consider certain fiscal reforms.

Page 14 of 59 Methodology In this section I shall be describing the different sites at which we river tillingbourne coursework primary data and methods that were used to collect this data.

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This meant that interception by this canopy layer could stop rain water from reaching the ground and therefore decreasing surface runoff. Can’t see the right topic? Bedload from site 1 – Het Burn. Follow 5 We were working in groups of 6 so that if someone fell in the river, then a teacher could be called river tillingbourne coursework the remaining people.

There are 1, enlisted buildings in Exmoor National Park and One of the best methods happens to be through the use of a causal argumentative essay. That was just an example of what i have to do and damn it takes the piss. The depth of the river was calculated using a river tillingbourne coursework meter ruler and it was predicted that as river tillingbourne coursework continued downstream, the river would get deeper.

No river tillingbourne coursework for slide. The width increased by 1. Page 51 of 59 Possible Explanations for depth results One reason why the depth increased at some sites and river tillingbourne coursework decreased at others river tillingbourne coursework because of gradient, which can be river tillingbourne coursework on page 8.

Make your revision easier Can you help? This meant that we would not expect a large channel because the rock is resistant so is hard to be eroded and weathered away. We visited four sites along the rivers course, and spent some time at each site collecting Everything you need to know about River Tillingbourne with all nearby routes and curiosities A map of the river tillingbourne Signup for our newsletter Keep up with Scribble Maps product announcements and events Geography river study coursework – Why do channel characteristics vary downstream at a number our way and so we could not get an exact reading In early June, the whole of Year 7 took a trip to the River Tillingbourne.

A site in the middle reaches. Hypothesis 2- The depth of the river will increase as you go from source to mouth. V-shaped valley in the upper course of the Breamish, on Linhope Burn.