16 May Answers: Only the comment property can be changed for a trigger referenced in the oracle forms. Triggrer is one type of event which is. Forms 6i Interview Questions – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text When you create the relation in the NEW BLOCK window, Oracle forms also alters . ATTACHED LIBRARIES REFER TO PREVIOUS ANSWER. menu_type. + Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is trigger associated with the timer? Question2: What are the trigger.

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Image Item is used to store and display images. Form builder does not suppress prompts or vital error messages, no matter what severity level you select. Restricted built-ins affect navigation in your form, either external screen navigation, or internal navigation. Validates and rollback uncommitted changes in the current form. Differences between pre-query questiojs post-query in Oracle Forms.

Oracle 10g Interview Questions.

Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions & Answers

Posts and commit changes across all form for the current transaction. Visual Attributes includes the Font Properties such as Font name, font size, font style Font width etc.

Use SQL trace facility. There are three types of list item: Changing the code at one place reflects at many other places, thereby reducing maintenance time. The term is terminal definition file that describes the terminal form which you are using r20run. Message line and Status line. These operations are accomplished through the execution of triggers. Restricted built-ins can be called from the When triggers that are specific to interface items, such as When-Button-Pressed or When-Checkbox-Changed.

Is it possible to link two groups inside a cross products after the cross products oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers has been created?

Oracle Forms Interview Questions & Answers – Oracle Forms FAQ- Part-2 | Oracle Apps Guy

To specify the order of individual group evaluation in a cross products. What Are Modal Windows?

Function key not allowed. To debug these issues we found following queries to be What are the various methods of performing a calculation in a report?

Oracle Content: oracle forms and reports interview questions part 1

An Ole server application creates ole Objects that are embedded or linked questiions ole Containers ex. Form builder is a component of Oracle Developer that is used to develop form based Applications for presenting and manipulating data. What is a sequence of firing Triggers at Item level in Oracle Forms?

Smart Class is an object in an object library that is frequently used as a class. What are the ways to monitor the performance of the report? Types of canvases and their uses? It represents the coordination causing event that occur on the master block in master-detail relation. It specifies oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers the current trigger fire before firing the same trigger at the next higher scope. The various Master and Detail Relationships in oracle forms are: What are the built-ins used for Getting cell values?

An object based on a property can inherit the setting of any property in the clause that makes sense for that object. What is a difference between Frame, Item and Block? Control Block is created manually, they are not associated with the Database. Vertical Tool bars are displayed along the left side of a oracle forms 6i interview questions and answers.

What are different types of column in reports? It Specifies that the current trigger fire after firing the same trigger at the next higher scope. Items grouped into Records.