May i know where can i download? Should I try using the 9-pin DB9 serial cable instead of ethernet? This application is only compatible with RadioRA 2 We will take this into consideration for a future system update. Please see the Terms of Use for more information.

Turn on your porch light at dusk, turn it off at dawn, or open your shades in the morning to wake up with the sun. Low Battery Receive low battery indications for battery-powered shades, Pico wireless controls, and Radio Powr Savr sensors to know when it’s time to replace their batteries. There are add-ons and adjustments to the QS system that give the homeowner more control over scenes, but for the most part you are right. Hello Malkev, Thank you for your post. New Look for faster navigation on iPhone and iPad. He has one of the better if not the best systems on the market.

Voice control lutron homeworks software lighting zones. Added a form to help gather feedback. Please see the Terms of Use for more information. We will take this into consideration for a future system update.

So even if you get the connect bridge, your configurations aren’t permanent? Nevermind that, just got off the phone with support and my account HAD been restricted to RadioRa only for whatever reason, but it’s lutron homeworks software for me. It will get removed.

Make temporary adjustments lutron homeworks software special occasions, or permanent changes to match your preferences. But this app is a stinker. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


Information Lutron homeworks software Lutron Electronics Co. It will likely be available and prompt you for credentials google for default ones, but could have been changed by your lighting programmer.

That sounds like it may be more difficult. Terrible software and at this point I would rather throw it away and work with a product much more user friendly. Crap app Jan 2, Looks lutron homeworks software what I have is a Homeworks 8 series, not a Lutron homeworks software, so I’m not even sure there is an integration protocol.

These systems are very capable but are architected for technicians to configure and maintain, rather than the owner. Nevermind, I bought the usb-rs adapter and it worked. This is a very complicated system and lutron homeworks software more complicated lutron homeworks software you have panels and RPMs so unless you’re trained and have experience with electrical work, it’s very easy to hurt yourself and the system and overall have a bad experience.

I lutron homeworks software have a python script that turns my dining room lights on and off! Once logged in to your myLutron account hover your mouse over service and support and select software downloads. It’s a closed system that requires lutron’s software to make significant adjustments.

Now i need to install lutron homeworks software another laptop. You have a well documented integration protocol however. I use zwave dimmers at my house. It’s false that you can’t make any changes. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Good luck with it. He has one of the better if not the best systems on the market. Are we sure there isn’t an issue with the download page?

How would I use it though? Requiring numbers upper and lower case etc. Follow Reddiquette Do not spam your blog or website. Good Luck I say! Lutron homeworks software Malkev, Thank you for your post. There are plenty of other subs to discuss them, this is not one. Various Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Follow our Twitter here https: That serial connection will not be authentication protected and I believe may even respond to a help command. Please use lutron homeworks software provided flairs to appropriately label your posts. Also, Lutron takes security lutron homeworks software and we want to make sure that all our customers are protected from password threats.

You can literally interact with it using telnet to test things out. Various fixes and improvements.

Software for homeworks QS

It would actually be cheaper in the lutron homeworks software run than paying MORE money to get this crap running as intended. If you had that software you can likely extract the programming from the QS processor, but you lutron homeworks software need the credentials from above.

Its expensive, but its a RollsRoyce level of home automation systems. Can I create my desired functionality by using these plaintext commands in that pdf? This will require that you have a myLutron account registered.

Submit a HomeAutomation link.