The two were married in , and Anne gave birth to Elizabeth later that year — Elizabeth would later become Queen. Primary Homework Help The Tudors. He was executed at the Tower of London in , just under a year before Anne Boleyn was. He liked to show off in his armour. Catherine and Henry had a daughter, Mary.

From to it was the seat of the Boleyn family. When he became king, most people belonged to the Catholic Church , which was headed by the Pope, in Rome. Can you spot the following people in the gallery below? He loved being rich and powerful and Henry would show this off by having castles and palaces built such as the most famous one, Hampton Court Palace. Henry became king when his father Henry VII died.

They ate plain foods, such as rabbit, squirrel, bread, peas and beans. Why is Henry famous? Catherine of Aragon divorced Born: In Sir Francis Drake set sail around the world, stealing from Spanish ships as he went and attacking Spanish ports.

Catherine Howard executed Born: When Henry was 5, rebels marched into London. She was only Henry married his third wife on May 30th,just eleven days after the execution of Anne.

The Tudors were some of the most colourful people in history.

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Catherine and Henry had a daughter, Mary. Teachers called tutors taught him and his older brother Arthur. As most people in Tudor times couldn’t read, shop keepers had to hang signs outside with pictures on to tell their customers what was for sale.

Henry VIII had many interests — he loved sports and music, he was a good fighter in a battle, and he was well educated. But his son Edward ruled only for six years.

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When did Henry become king? Religion Henry Vll l brought religious upheaval to England. But he was a very grumpy King and if you were to upset him, you could have your head chopped off! He had the first wife because he was betrothed to her by his father.

The king with six wives Henry was the King of England who had six wives. Henry divorced two of his wives Catherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleveshe had two of his wives executed Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard and one of his wives Jane Seymour henry viii wives primary homework help shortly after childbirth.

Catherine had six children but only Mary survived.

The six wives of King Henry VIII

In Tudor towns there were bakers, butchers, fishmongers, brewer, cooks, weavers, tailors and robe makers, washerwomen, shoemakers, building workers and carpenters, smiths and metal workers. It was lifted from henry viii wives primary homework help seabed in Diseases quickly spread and were very common. As a young man, Henry was handsome and clever. He had the fourth wife because of diplomatic reasons. He had the sixth wife because he was old and sick and needed a companion and nurse who wouldn’t give him too much trouble.

He spoke French, Spanish, Latin and some Italian and was a good musician. But he broke the rules. In English history, the time when he and his family lived is known as the Tudor age.

The fool told jokes and did funny things, like a clown. He closed the monasteries. Henry married Catherine Howard. See our Cookie Policy for information.

Who were the six wives? The two countries were joined in The henry viii wives primary homework help Henry played tennis with were stuffed with dog hair. He wanted to make England strong. Henry was very clever. War training Henry liked horse riding, jousting and archery. Henry met Anne Boleyn. Follow me on Twitter mbarrow. Playtime Henry had a fool to amuse him when he was bored with his books.