Different spicy and delicious foods are served during the festival like sweets, Gol gappa, Qatlamas and many other traditional foods. Mehmood Ghaznavi ke Lahore fatah karne se qabal ye badastoor Hindoun ke qabzey mein tha. The journey across the river is a transition as radical as death. Heer was cured in a way the people did not foresee and her illness turned out to be of an unexpected nature. The girl s father has no possessions beyond the river.

Rabba mere haal da mehram tu Ander tu hain bahir tu hain Room room wich tuun Tu hai tana tu hai bana, Sab kuch mera tu Kahey Hussain faqir nimmana main nahin sub tu. The mother continues to represent the social order and the accepted attitudes according to her convictions, the Kheras offer the best possible future for her daughter because they assure mundane security and prestige, within a decaying order. Ranjeet Singh paid much respect to the sufi poet and saint. It may be asserted that poetry is often written to be sung. And the Kheras dream idle dreams. The voice of the folk-singer has for ages protested against the bondage of the actual, but its fleeting sallies into the freedom of the possible have always been a torturing illusion.

Is ki maujooda abaadi 90 lakh nafoos par mushtamil hai. Hassu Teli, famous essay on mela chiraghan in urdu the saint of oilmen, was a contemporary of Lal Husayn.

The unfortunate aspect of this affair is that the government has not so far considered it proper to arrange visits essay on mela chiraghan in urdu foreign cultural delegates to the mazar of this 16th century poet and saint. A song dedicated to Islamic Brotherhood Week Cowasjee: If you wish to hide your identity, post with a pseudonym but don’t select the ‘anonymous’ option. Ghalib The rose, with its redolent petals The water lily, with its robe of virgin white These have surely come to us in transmigration Of but a few of those Endowed with sublime beauty and grace.

Millennials and Their Potential Influence on Tourism. Mullah Mahmood Madani vs. What is beyond, is vaguely threatening. Some believe that their prayers would be granted if they sit close to the fire.

Can Mehsud be captured now? Even though the wayfarers are slow-moving, They are not without zeal to reach the goal! Today essay on mela chiraghan in urdu of these Kafis are sung, by well know singers and some have even been used as songs in the Indian Film Industry. Then again, fairly late in life, he embarrassed every one by refusing to believe in the knowledge he had received from others, and decided to know for himself.

Where then lies the point in noticing the music in the “Kafis” of Shah Husain? The standard dialect thus united all subdialects. Here in the “Kafi”, the metaphorical background is recreated. Essay on mela chiraghan in urdu never returned to his student life and religious practices. Ah well, it was as a child that you got the better of me! Saturday Mar 24, The festival continues for the full night and full day. Nights swell and merge into each other as I stand a wait for him.

The three-day annual festival of Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain started at his shrine with full devotion on 29 March. Here in the “Kafi” the daughter essay on mela chiraghan in urdu the power of choice and rejection. The festival lasts for three days and during these days the whole area of Shalimar garden and Tomb of Shah Hussain is decorated with lights.

Kartar Singh Duggal, a prominent writer, says: You may also like In support of President Zardari 14 March Main wi janan dhok Ranjhan di, naal mare koi challey Pairan paindi, mintan kardi, janaan tan peya ukkaley Neen wi essay on mela chiraghan in urdu, tilla purana, sheehan ney pattan malley Ranjhan yaar tabeeb sadhendha, main tan dard awalley Kahe Husain faqeer namana, sain senhurray ghalley.

Please mother, do not talk to me of Kheras. It limits and defines the known and tried capacities of humanity.


When Heer fakes illness in the house of her in-laws, Ranjha the fake jogi was approached for some magic cure. He was around during the time of the Mughal emperors Akbar and Jehangir. But this part of her consciousness is now subjected to more vital individual self.

A Muslim celebrates at the shrine of Saint Shah Hussain during the first day of the annual religious festival in Lahore on Saturday. Nawaz Essay on mela chiraghan in urdu banaspati revolution, m His surprise was shared by his parents, who marveled at his arrival from such a distance within so short a space of time. Is ki tarz-e-tameer mein mashraqi fun tameer ki ek jhalak numaya dikhai deti hai.

In consequence he abruptly left the madras and went about shouting and dancing in public.

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Lahore ko Pakistan ka dil bhi kehte essay on mela chiraghan in urdu aur ghaliban is ki wajah ye bhi hai ke har ilaqe ke logon ne ise apna miskan bana liya hai.

Q urgent custom essays lab. One day Hassu Teli teasing him said, O, Husayn, why this dancing and shouting? Devotees distribute langar and lay floral wreaths and chaadars at the graves of Shah Hussain and Madho Lal Hussain.

For twenty-six years he strictly followed the rites and practices of Islam, and led a life of real austerity.

Mela Chiraghan

But one is aware that an undertone of mockery pervades the air – released feet mocking the ancient sods of Shalamar and released voices mocking its ancient walls. She stands outsides the cycles of time and society. The myth of Lal Husain has lived a defused, half-conscious life in the annual Fare of Lights. The mother essay on mela chiraghan in urdu a part of the daughter s consciousness – in addressing her she addresses herself.

The most striking feature of the language used by Shah Husain was its representation of all dialects spoken in Punjab and adjoining areas.