I love flying the A Due to hull curve, window seats have restricted legroom. The F passengers take the long trek through business class to get to the bar at the rear of the plane. Other Emirates A seat charts: Everything was excellent on both flights. However you get plenty of toys:

Our Emirates As regularly make special appearances around the world. Wow Better than any other airline. Having flown business class before which is superb on Emirates I find it soul destroying to fly economy for any length of time. This is the only type airplane where I need a seatbelt extender The seat are no good for long trips they lack adequate foam and after three hours flying pain and being unconfortable exeist. Flight Number EK Opens in a new window.

So the Business class passenger have to go past the Economy passengers and somehow they board earlier! Sign in with Facebook. As with all EK business seats, having the one closer to the window as opposed to the aisle feels a lot more private.

Airbus A380-800 (388) Two Class

Food was pretty good, even breakfast! First time in this aircraft. There is a significant amount of storage in this cubicle both under the window ledges and in the shelf under the screen. Bar at back of plane is great. Proximity to the galley was very irritating because the area around the seat is used to put carts as they are prepping for service.

I had this seat on an overnight flight. By the way, there is now window emirates airbus a380-800 business class seating plan in this row, because it’s not an exit row.

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It was a pain. In this seat,the table could not be used,as there was insufficient space between the table and the seat cushion.

However, the tv screen is in the right arm rest, on the aisle, and every time a trolley went by it without fail knocked the tv screen over, usually into my shin bone. Other than thatexcellence. It’s easy to get out of the seat to visit the lavatories which are close. An issue could occure if there was a bassinet with a crying infant in the same row which was not present in our case. Emirates airbus a380-800 business class seating plan seat maps, flight shopping and flight information.

I am only 14 years old and not many kids get to experince this. A stark look at modern life in Russia, these performances speak for themselves. Service In economy for flights under 8 hours Dubai to London, Manchester, Europe Emirates have removed emirates airbus a380-800 business class seating plan second meal service.

Very bad service in this seat as cabin crew does not take notice of you. Definitely has some issues otherwise ok, near the galley.

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Extra legroom is bonus, however IFE screen is smaller, and cannot be used during take-off and landing, unlike the other seats. Entertainment system was great, plane was very quiet and smooth, crew was excellent, food was so much better than other airlines serve up.

Follow us on Twitter Friend us on Facebook. The seat, while a flat bed, actually has a shelf for feet to be placed which is great for when sitting up. EK, was met at BKK airport with stairs on the tarmac about 20 minutes after landing, emirates airbus a380-800 business class seating plan free bus ride to the terminal driven by a complete idiot Even LCCs like AirAsia afford their passengers an air bridge to walk into the terminal.

Hong Kong-Dubai read more. Flight attendants often knock you when they walk past. Emirates are a good airline it’s a pity they have Dubai as their hub. Wish they flew to Europe – I would use them over anyone else.

Another reviewer here has said seat 68A has no power, but again it does, it’s under the seat I expect all the extra legroom seats are the same. Also it was quiet crowdy as the staff and passengers went to the galley like every 3 minutes. I have flown this route in a many times and there is never anyone there! Emirates airbus a380-800 business class seating plan in saying all this i believe its the only seat with the least passing traffic so definitely a great seat if you want to rest.

In my opinion a superb aircraft operated by a class leading operator. First Class are individual suites with sliding doors. Never choose this seas! First time on A so very impressed.