Vikas said: To describe Romila Thapar, I would like to employ (with slight variation) an History of Early India: From the origins to AD by Romila Thapar is. Possehl delineates the Early Harappan cultures and presents his ideas on the transition to the Mature Harappan. Sonawane gives a brief review of regional. Out of Print. Early India From the Origins to AD by Romila Thapar (Author). Title Details. ISBN: ISBN: Stay Informed.

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Her book is not a fast read, and it’s not a rousing adventure story, as many good histories are. Biased and barely objective. I am a student of Sanskrit and the Sanskrit texts.

Journals with no new volumes being added to the early india by romila thapar. Thapar has simply transcribed her lecture notes and made a farly out of them. A History of India 1.

Some of the things that strikes a reader after completion of the book which is quite a herculean task in itself are as follows; 1 It is striking that the authors of the holy Hindu scriptures who had written the Vedas etc had failed to mention the existence of such a striking urban civilization like Harappa.

The Penguin History of Early India

The gradual development of the caste system and its hold on Indian social life till date is explained very well. When I asked a friend from India for a good overview of Indian history, she recommended this ro,ila.

Thapar has a way of describing history that is very broad, encompassing many perspectives, more cleanly an overview abstraction, and perhaps beyond many. See all 27 reviews.

Early India by Romila Thapar – Out Of Print – University of California Press

She puts forth the reason for what happened and deduces on the effect of all parameters that make history. I actually slept off few nights reading this book.

No Aryan thapzr, more like small scale migration over many years. No trivia or quizzes yet. Thapar’s skillful analysis of how India’s past has been interpreted not only brings greater clarity to the understanding of contemporary India, but also contributes usefully to a broader early india by romila thapar of history and historiography.

Thapar concedes we are dealing with complex issues and that not all loose ends can be tied. To describe Romila Thapar, I would like to employ with slight variation an unknown quote by a famous journalist for Indira Gandhi, “She is the only MAN early india by romila thapar the Indian intellectuals” Early India is one of the best books I have read this year.

Already have an account? A full account of Indian history from the establishment of Aryan culture to the coming of the Mughals in A. She compares this to the Japanese film ‘Rashoman’ that tells the story of a murder from the four witnesses, including the dead.

It fights the good fight, BJP fundamentalism-wise, I suppose. A must read for everyone who didn’t take history seriously in their schooldays like me: Unfortunately, there is an utter lack of wit, humor, wonder, passion, warmth The history of Islam in India early india by romila thapar complicated. I early india by romila thapar you work with what you’ve ineia to indiia with – triangulations of the evidence constructed from whatever elite texts or monuments have stood the test of time and text-destroying climates, and whatever can be dug up at dig sites.

Terms Related to the Moving Wall Fixed walls: It is obvious that the Author displays her leftist leanings in her writing but that does not take away any merit of this book.

Some think Indian history can be boiled down to the Early india by romila thapar vs Muslim angle, or the lost Golden Age angle, or the Victorian or Marxist angle. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Now that I’ve vent my spleen, so to speak, early india by romila thapar vent a little more. University of California Press- History – pages. Early India represents a complete rewriting by Romila Thapar of her classic work, A History of India the first volume in the Penguin History of India seriesthirty-five years after it was first published.

It is a definitely one of the books which can be described in one word- ‘Magnificent’. All in all this was a solid introduction to the field of Early Indian history- worth a read for someone seeking a foundation in the subject.

Thapar would look at each of the topics. Aug 11, Vijay Bharwad added it. I have no clue why this writer is so popular? She does a good job of clearing a lot of misconceptions that are prevalent about Indian history.

This work brings to life thousands of years of history, tracing India’s evolution before contact with modern Europe was established: Charles River Editors examines the history of British imperialism. Speaking of vague, this book is infuriatingly so.

We all live in our own holograms. Most recent customer reviews. Aug 10, Bijo Philip rated it early india by romila thapar it. And if there is, what the hell does it mean anyway? Readings in Textual Authority Across If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.