DHTML assessment test, DHTML test, DHTML practice test, DHTML online test, test, DHTML objective questions and answers, DHTML interview questions. Some most important features of DHTML are given below: Using DHTML we can change the tags and their properties. It is use for Real-time positioning. R4R,DHTML Objective fresher and experienced, DHTML Subjective fresher and experienced,DHTML Interview Questions And Answers,DHTML fresher and.

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That means you can convert an image into a link that will allow users to link to another page when clicked.

Html Dhtml Interviews –

You can insert any or a combination of the following list types: Default cell borders, with a thickness of 1 pixel, are automatically added between cells if the border attribute is set to a nonzero value.

A slash symbol is also used as a closing tag.

Because the browser collapses multiple spaces into a single space, you can indent lines of text without worrying about multiple spaces. It can be accessible without the need for internet connection. A URL specifies dhfml of the following functionalities? The type attribute for unordered lists can be dhtml interview questions and answers to disc, square, or circle. Because of dhtml interview questions and answers, named character entity values were created to make it easier for web page designers to use.

If the size attribute is set to 0, the size will be set to the default size of 13 characters.

Questions Answers Views Company eMail. From this top level page, you can access all other pages within the website.

This tag represents a piece of self-contained flow content. Is used to create ajax frame.

Top 60 HTML & HTML5 Interview Questions & Answers

The value attribute can change the number index. How can you restrict all the textbox’s autocomplete to off in a form? Most older files work on the andwers browsers, though some features may not work. This same technique also works for selectors with class names.

Which attributes is used to change the number index in tag? The default color for normal and active links is blue.

How do I indent the first line in my paragraphs? Helps include one webpage into another. What are META tags? With ordered lists, you can select to use some different list types including alphabetical and Roman numerals. Tables can be used to dhtml interview questions and answers text and images. When you use image maps, it can easily become confusing and difficult to determine dhtml interview questions and answers hotspots correspond to which links.

Checkbox buttons can have their name and do not need to belong to a group. Other attributes can accept any numerical value that represents the number of pixels for a size.

Html Dhtml Interviews

Content show on same page intervieq navigation clicking. This will take the picture and make it the background image of your web page. Thanks, It is really very helpful for me to attend the interview.

HTML documents are made up of two things: Every web dhtml interview questions and answers on the web can have a separate web address.

Also what will be insert query if we want to add value of field in a table, field is anv on HTMl page. The bullet color is always the same dhtml interview questions and answers that of the first character in the list item.

When user will open a map of India, create links to display the information of each state i. Articles can be composed of multiple sections that can have multiple articles. Your email address will not be published. White spaces are a blank sequence of space characters, which is treated as a single space character in HTML. Image map lets you link to many different ajswers pages using a single image.

Applets are written using the Java language.

DHTML Interview Questions & Answers

No, hyperlinks can be an in the text as well as images. You will find this problem when the text does not display properly on the browser screen. How to display numbered list in HTML?

How to create a DropDown list box? How do I know which keywords to enter in order to make site catchable? Login form located at the questionz page acepting the name of the customer and its address, credit card and name of the products, a dhtml interview questions and answers wnats to purchase, after the form dhtml interview questions and answers been accepted interviee website will issue order number for knowing the status.

When you try to open the external CSS file in a browser, the browser cannot open the file, because the file has a different extension.