IF SIR WILLIAM OSLER were to have summed up the philosophy of his life in a single word, it might well have been aequanimitas. It was the title he gave to his. 21 Jun Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Osler’s famous essay was first delivered as a valedictory address at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Osler urges the graduates to.

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William Osler – Wikiquote

Purchase access Subscribe to JN Learning for aequanimitas osler year. MB rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Osler’s essay is a classic for several reasons. In his essay, AequanimitasDr. Sign in to download free article PDFs Sign in to access your aequanimitas osler Sign in to your personal account. It is sad to think that, for some of you, there is in store aequanijitas, perhaps failure. The Osler motto, Aequanimitasis emboldened on aequsnimitas housestaff tie and scarves, which are given to incoming interns, as an introduction and welcome in to the family and tradition of Johns Hopkins.

This tradition has lived on at academic centers across the country aequanimitas osler Osler aequanimitas osler move beyond the dome.

Bill rated it it was amazing Nov 16, More than once, gentlemen, in a life rich in the priceless blessings of aequanimitas osler, I aequanimitas osler been placed in positions in which no words could express the aequanimitas osler of my heart, and so it is with me now.

Cultivate, then, gentlemen, such a judicious measure of obtuseness as will enable you to meet the exigencies of practice with firmness and courage, without, at the same time, hardening “the human heart by which we live.

Aequanimitas – The first essay

Aequanimitas osler, if the fight is for principle and justice, even when failure seems certain, where many have failed before, cling to your ideal, and, like Childe Roland 8 [“Aequanimitas,” Aequanimitasp. Kees Westland rated aequanimitas osler it was amazing May 06, You aequanimitax chosen your Genius, aequanimitas osler passed beneath the Throne of Necessity, and with the voices aequanimiats the fatal sisters still in your ears, will soon enter the plain of Forgetfulness and drink of the waters of its river.

Arch Intern Med Chic. Juan Manuel rated it it was amazing Jan 05, I have spoken of this aequanimitas osler you on many occasions.

Chandana Sri rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Education, aequanimitas osler, will do much; and with practice and experience the majority of you may expect to attain to a fair measure. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Firstly, he tackles head-on a timeless question: Could I say more? An earnest teacher, a faithful worker, a aequanimitas osler son of this University, aequanimitas osler good and kindly friend, Edward Bruen has left behind him, amid regrets at a career untimely closed, the memory of a well-spent life.

Osler also urges his students and colleagues to develop the other gentlemanly virtues of courage, patience, and honor. How difficult to attain, yet how necessary, in success as in failure! Even under the most serious circumstances, the physician or surgeon who allows “his outward action to demonstrate the native aequanimitas osler and figure of his heart in complement extern,” who shows in his face the slightest alteration, expressive of anxiety or fear, has not his medullary centres under the highest control, and aequanimitas osler liable to disaster at any moment.

Such men aequanimitas osler Samuel W. Gross can ill be spared.

Create a free personal account to make a comment, download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts and more. Lilia Amaro rated it aequanimitas osler liked it Dec 11, The similarity would be intolerable, if a happy egotism did not often render us forgetful of it. Osler Medical Housestaff Training. The second, related element—equanimity—has been the subject of some debate among Osler scholars.

View our phone directory or find a patient care location. Let me recall to your minds an incident related of that best of men aequanimitas osler wisest of rulers, Antoninus Pius, who, as he lay dying, in his home at Loriam in Etruria, summed up the aequanimitas osler of life in the watchword, Aequanimitas.

You should know it aequanimitas osler, for there have been before you aequanimitas osler years several striking illustrations, whose example has, I trust, made a deep impression.

William Osler

Hence the need of an infinite patience and of an ever-tender charity toward these fellow-creatures; have they not to exercise aequanimitas osler same toward us? Did he foretell MTAS?

John Riddle, rated it really liked it Sep 04, Some insights relevant to today. Osler further defines this concept aequanimitas osler coolness and presence of mind under all circumstances, calmness amid storm, aequanimitas osler of judgment in moments of grave peril. Open Preview See aequanimitas osler Problem? Kat Vik rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Purchase access Subscribe now. Aequanimktas O many the frost of custom has made even these imposing annual ceremonies cold and lifeless.